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Great place to get adjusted and relax. The doctors and staff are awesome. I’m getting the the relief I’ve been needing for such a long time.    Lupe Marquez

Best place to start taking care of yourself be pain free and feel stress free…    Laura Patino

Being my first day I feel great!    Araceli Guzman

Me parece bien porque te sirve mucho las terapias para tu cuerpo y tu salud.    Mariquita Chavez

This place is by far the best chiropractor ever! My day starts of with some back pain….but when I visit this place by the time I’m out! I feel much taller! So much better, all the pain gone! This place, West Cermak Road Wellness, is the the best!! I love it and makes me feel much better!     Gilberto L.

If you are in need of great physical therapy or chiropractic needs, West Cermak Road Wellness is the place for you. They have a wonderful staff with exceptional service. Dr. Mohammad Joudeh delivers expertise in chiropractic medicine second o none. The environment is very friendly and cozy, all in hopes of body maintenance, exercise, and repair. He offers weight loss programs, which continue to show results. I’ve utilized every table and machine offered there for my body well-being and always leave the office feeling great! I highly recommend West Cermak Road Wellness!      Cesar R.

Great place. Helped me with my back pain and stiffness.     Christopher Montes de Oca

Great Service! Red light works like magic! Very clean and friendly environment!    Arie Gray

Was here for the melt fat and lost four inches around my waist!     Michelle Lopez